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its a bit confusing, and its really hard to jump around to other island without falling off and teleporting back to the main island, i wish there was a navigation system like a map. the camera is also very disorienting at times and sometimes things get in the way of seeing. its a very beautiful game and the music is very pretty despite the few issues it has. its awesome if this is your first attempt at making a game, ive never made one but i assume its very hard so what you did was pretty cool! :D i hope you continue to make things even better than this game, good luck


I absolutely loved this game, it was so pretty and soothing! It was a rather quick game, I do wish there was a little more exploring and content to see but otherwise I had a lot of fun! Good job dev!

I really love the atmospere you guys did!! Everything looks so beautifull and if you guys had time I can see where awesomeit could go!  I just didnt like the camera which follows our movement rotate etc. and the fact that we couldnt second jump if the characters starts to fall its a sad thing wanted to remind. 

I love all the models the main character tho especially loved to practice if I can stand on trees or I loved to jump higher by climbing on trees for a second although ıdk if I supposed to lol. I spend long times to jump around especailly on trees hehe My favourite was the ost music you guys went for but there is a small blank space when the songs end and it takes time to replay it. Loved to explore the game and its reallly cool looking hope your assigment and grade went all well!

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I think the atmosphere you captured is awesome, I really liked the fantasy vibe. The idea of hopping from island to island is also super cool. Unfortunately, outside of this foundation I didn't really enjoy the game. In fact I played for a total of 2 minutes and 40 seconds before beating it. Which I'm sure could be done much quicker.

I agree with what others have said, the camera and movement aren't great. For me moreso the movement than the camera. It's like you'd accelerate, but then get near something and slow down to a crawl. It was hard to move around islands when it was constantly changing from fast to super slow. Additionally I found moving from island to island really hard to do, I think maybe something like pockets of air around the island that boost you into the air, and then have the character glide around would be really really cool.

For a university project you've certainly got a really good foundation for a nice and short puzzle game. With some tweaks and changes I think you could really have something special here.

10/10 es muy bueno

Mori Adventures is a short and simple collecting game, but seems like a decent first attempt at a game. Despite needing polish, everything seemed to function as designed and it wasn't a buggy mess.(No pun intended.)

Good job, dev.

Thank you!

good game, however the terrible camera controls makes it almost unplayable. 

Everything starting from the in-game atmosphere to the accompanying music is fascinating, even though the plot is simple. However, there are a couple of puzzles which make the walkthrough more interesting, and to complete the game it's also necessary to have a savvy. BUT the most important reason I'm writing this is because it's a second semester project! I won't wonder if the creator is lying) Alright, jokes aside, this game is seriously outstanding.  Of course it would've being more helpful if there were 'tips' somewhere on the screen (or a mini map), yet I hope the creator will add this in her future games.  Great game, keep it up!

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this is great for a first project

but may i suggest a better method to control the camera?

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oh my bad that's not what i meant sorry

i meant could you make it so we could control the camera with the mouse?

The moment the game starts that intro music sets the perfect mood and the level design, colors, everything looks wonderful and makes me want to explore. I would improve the 3rd person controller as that's the only hang-up, and then I would give some sort of audio/visual indicator for the items to collect, a small particle effect around it, and maybe a small humming as you get closer to the collectible would help players find the items and be drawn to them.

Great first project, following to see what you do next.

This looked really nice and was a sweet little game! My only criticism would be that the movement felt a little heavy at times and the camera could do with a little bit of work to make it a bit smoother. I would definitely play a longer version of this though if you ever plan on expanding it!

Thank you for the letsplay! Haha I didn't think people would take it that serious, since it was just a fast small uni project
I had to make camera movement rotate by mouse but didn't have it as an important note. Seriously, I didn't think this project would "blow up" and hundreds of people would actually downlaod it..
Thank you again!

Well really, you've only got yourself to blame! You can't make a beautiful looking game and expect people not to play it. Plus, playing these games is kind of my whole schtick! haha


Thank you!


Can you tell us more about it  so I know if it's something I like or not.  Just cause it looks great, which it  does, doesn't tell me anything about the game.

Description done~

thank you.  That helps a lot