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I was genuinely impressed with this! I must've played 4 other games before I got to this one and wow! What a gem. I didn't finish any of the others I played. It definitely stood out to me in a good way. I see a lot of people are complaining about the performance, but I also see people fail to realize that this is a school project. People are too harsh sometimes, but I think you did a good job and I had a lot of fun playing this.

I've really enjoyed my time with the game - but i do have a fair bit of feedback. I'll frontload the less positive so I can end on the highs! Firstly, performance. If you ever get to work on it any more, i think some optimisation would be really appreciated. It was super choppy, and, while I have a fairlyt old machine at this point, a game with these visuals shouldn't be anywhere near as taxing. As it's a school project in unity, though, i can definitely forgive that.

The voice acting is a nice addition, and i do like the characters. The script is pretty good, but I definitely think there's room for improvement. As with everyone else, for me the voices just stopped half way through, though as it's a school project, i get that sacrifices have to be made sometimes. The controls are pretty good, though it can be a LITTLE slow. If you were to speed it up, i wouldn't want it to be a lot faster. 

I thought the camera shifts were a really good idea in terms of immersion, and i really loved the cockpit detailing but the mouse sensitivity was a little high, and I did get a little lost trying to move through the first skeleton formation - the environment made me feel like I should be able to move up to follow the passageway, but i was stuck to the same plane. As such it took me a little while to really get that I had to go through a side passage through the "ribs".

I did appreciate the little section that was inspired by Inside with the whole BOOM thing, but only as a reference that I got. In terms of something to play, it just took me out of the immersive experience, and stuffed me into something that just felt way too "gamey" when compared to what I has played before. I think some kind of health meter, or a more obvious visual indication of damaghe to the sub would have been good.

All that aside, I really, really enjoyed it. It has such a cool atmosphere, and is such a fascinating and creepy concept. I think my biggest takeaway from the game is that I would love to play a longer, more complete version of this, and the whole thing just oozes promise. I would be impressed if this had been made by someone with more experience, and i'm utterly blown away that you're all students. I loved it and think you've done a wonderful job!

bruh I cant play once I open it says it's not responding

The idea is brilliant! But the implementation is rather bad.

There's always a sudden change of perspective. In first person mode, my mouse was way too sensitive and there's no way to adjust that. In side scrolling mode, it took some time until I figured out the controls have changed and down actually meant descending, not going backwards. It would've been better to stick to just one.

The submarine goes way too slow. My finger hurt after I had to press a single button for a good half an hour. Also almost nothing has happened in that interval of time, not counting discovering some artifacts that I didn't even notice, and didn't understand why the big letters showed up, so a camera focus on them would've been nice. But speed is a bigger issue. I understand the slow paced exploration stuff, it sounds nice and all, but a submarine simulator in empty water gets boring after a few minutes. Yes, it's deep water, there's hardly anything there, but it's not real life, it's a game and it needs to be entertaining. Fill the space with events, visuals, or audio at least.

 There's no voice after some point and I thought there was something wrong. There's not enough time to read the conversations after the voice is off.

And I never knew when I'd die, I kept bumping into walls, never knew where to go. Sometimes you need to proceed by going through a place that looks like a wall which may or may not actually be a wall. It's a 50/50 chance of dying or reacing a new area. The radar didn't help either.

So I died and the last save file was way too early and I didn't feel like trying again. An auto save at the discovered aftifacts could've helped to feel more like trying.

The whole experience was sheer suffer, I wish it was as great at it looks like on the pictures. Maybe one day... :)

Hey Dev, I gave it a go during my Monday live streams (Embeded below) and I wanted to share my opinions on the game.

The Good:

- Atmosphere is great

- Visuals are great

- Voice acting and overall plot is good.

- The first person camera was pretty cool

Now for the stuff that I recommend looking into:

The First bit is the camera changes, I immediately want to ask why? The change to first person was pretty cool but all the other changes seem really gimmicky like they where just thrown in there to meet a course requirement. I would recommend getting rid of most of them.

The second aspect is that the game immediately sucks you in and you feel invested in the story, however, the game never really rewards you for that investment, in my game play, I encountered like 3-4 events, the first structure was super cool and added to the story but it took a bit to get there. The second one I explored a bit and found what I think was a skeleton? due to the camera orientation I couldn't actually see what the dialogue was talking about, so that kinda sucked. The last event was the massive structure that shoots the pulse waves. This really through off the flow of the game for me, it went from an interesting story driven exploration game to an action game with a course so difficult it made me want to stop playing. Really sucked to get SOOO far into the game only to be met with that.

This game has so much potential, everything is on the right track but I do think it needs a fair bit of work yet.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want anything clarified. Or if you want me to take another look at some point.


It wont let me play and I'm on windows. It opens up and go's to the main menu screen, but every time I press new game it messes up and freezes.


I can already tell this game is amazing


Haven't had a chance to play myself yet, but I saw Vidyabum stream some of it, and I have to say- for a school project, the voice acting is excellent! You guys nailed it!

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The game's interesting enough, though imo it feels a bit too slow when it comes to bringing the good stuff. But that could be just me. A health bar for the ship would be really appreciated though.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


any way to play in window mode I was going to record a video for my youtube but my set ups not the best yet. and I can't hit record on anything when its full screen. 


Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to give you some feedback about it, hopefully it helps you :D

-The main concept of the game and the story around it is pretty interesting.

-Visually the game has some moments that make it shine by giving the player some really awesome views of the depths of the sea.

-Good gameplay mechanics and very well implemented with the use of different kinds of cameras.

-Level design is well done, I got lost one or two times, but I'll say that it helps the player to get into the game as you can get lost but not too much thanks to some of the gameplay mechanics.

-I would add a more visual health system for the vehicle as when I died after hitting the walls various time there wasn't any clear indicator of the damage I was dealing to it.

-I don't know why, but near the end of the game the dialogues stoped having audio.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thank you so much for your feedback!
Dialogues don't have audio towards the end, we didn't have time :)

You are welcome :D


Uhh, creepy atmosphere!

The environment was great! The graphics, although not perfect, did the job of immersing me into the game just fine! The map-design however was fantastic!

The gameplay was great, not all to intense but still not so inactive that you become bored by playing the game. This is a great balance, as you still have time and focus to see the environment and follow the story! One of the best parts is the fact that the camera switches, as it brings a lot of variety to the game. The switching between the cameras is however a little rugged, but not game-breaking. The audio was really great too, the voiceovers were amazing. It is a shame that they were not implemented towards the end of the game. I assume this is due to a lack of time, as I noticed some lines were reused.

I really enjoyed playing it, so I hope you get to fully complete the game in the near future! Good work!


Thank you so much! Since it's our student project, so we had full freedom to experiment, that's why we tried to create a slow-paced game and see how well it works. We glad your enjoyed the overall experience!